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Business People Applauding


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"I’ve always been a big fan of personal development and I was aware of the values on having a coach. Being coached by Mirka unlocked some of my hidden potentials not only in my professional but also in my personal life.

Mirka is a kind, down-to-earth, amazingly talented, excellent listener, very empathetic and caring individual and coach.

I have learned a lot about myself just by her asking deep questions that really touched me at the conscious and unconscious level.

I recently lost my father and lost my job at the same time. She not only helped me on getting through these life challenges by genuinely she was there for me not only as my coach, but also my friend as well for support.

I am very proud to say that having Mirka in my life had made me become a better person. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for being there for me. I am forever grateful and keep up the amazing work you do."


 Support Account Manager

"I have come to learn that 'listening' isn't as simple as it sounds. There are levels of listening, in the sense that many of us think we listen but we don't. We might be hearing, but we're not really processing what's being said to the point of understanding it from the speaker's point of view. Mirka taught me that - and she taught me without even saying it. She taught me by doing it.

Mirka listens at a deep level, with empathy. In doing so, she manages not only to fully understand all of the nuances and complexities one might be struggling to organise in their mind, but she is able to translate them back to you in the words you couldn't find. It's a wonderful, rare, and underrated skill."


 Digital Strategist

"The coaching has been really rewarding. I have learned how to communicate clearly with my team and to reflect on my leadership skills. Mirka was a phenomenal listener and gave me fantastic tips to improve my performance. This was done whilst creating a safe yet challenging environment. She has natural ability to make you recognize your own potential and help to guide you towards it."


 Business Owner

"Mirka is highly professional coach. She listened with understanding and challenged my ways of thinking, which contributed not only to my professional, but also personal growth. No matter if the issues we discussed were related to leadership or my day to day work, together we have always identified a way to move forward."



"I have worked with Mirka for the past 6 months. During this time I’ve learned how to communicate clearly with my team whilst being realistic about the work I could take on. I learned that every time I say yes to something, inherently I am saying no to something else. As a coach, Mirka has helped me to reflect on my leadership style, identifying areas for improvement. She created a safe, yet challenging coaching environment. She was insightful and able to analyse the key issues by listening to what was being said, as well as unsaid. As a result I am not only better manager and leader, but a better person."



"Mirka is an excellent coach and she genuinely cares about your progress and your development. It felt like I was being coached by a friend. I have come a long way with Mirka’s help."



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