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Frequently Asked Questions


  • Is Coaching right for me?
    For Individuals Navigating life with ADHD can be challenging, and coaching provides a powerful avenue for self-discovery and overcoming obstacles. An ADHD coach is specially trained to understand your concerns through the lens of ADHD, offering valuable insights and strategies. The coaching process is a collaborative partnership between you and the coach, uncovering your strengths, addressing challenges, and exploring tailored tools and strategies. For Families Discover the unique benefits of one-on-one coaching tailored to meet the specific needs of your family. No two families are alike, and coaching helps identify and address the unique friction points your family may be experiencing. Gain valuable strategies and solutions from an expert who understands the complexities of the ADHD brain. For Parents No one knows your child better than you. By teaching you the skills to coach your child, it's a win. You will learn and utilize the knowledge, tools, and strategies to manage ADHD in your family. Parenting is a multifaceted experience, and I guide you on a journey of self-discovery. We delve into what parenting means to you and explore the kind of parent you aspire to be. Managing your emotions is an integral part of the process—we work together to look at challenges through a new lens. This enables you to stop judging yourself for mistakes, foster self-compassion, and reconnect with what is truly important to you. Through coaching, you not only become a source of support for your child but also find the tools to nurture your own well-being. For Couples ADHD can present unique challenges in relationships, and coaching offers a supportive space for couples. Whether you're navigating communication hurdles or seeking ways to better understand each other, ADHD coaching can provide valuable insights and tools. Benefit from the expertise of a coach who recognizes the nuances of ADHD within relationships. Incorporate coaching into your family's journey for a more harmonious and understanding dynamic. If you are not sure, please book a free 30 minute consultation session with me.
  • Who should see ADHD Coach?
    An ADHD coach is an excellent resource for individuals facing the challenges associated with ADHD, regardless of whether they have an ADHD diagnosis. Whether you're an adult seeking support for personal growth, a parent looking to enhance skills in raising a child with ADHD, or a couple navigating unique challenges, an ADHD coach offers tailored strategies and insights. The practical strategies provided by an ADHD coach are designed to be effective for anyone seeking to better understand and manage ADHD-related issues, fostering personal development and improved relationships.
  • How can ADHD coach help me?
    An ADHD coach can be a transformative ally on your journey. They provide personalised support, offering insights and strategies tailored to your unique strengths and challenges. From managing time, improving organisational skills, and developing effective study habits to boosting productivity, setting and achieving goals, and enhancing self-confidence, an ADHD coach addresses a spectrum of challenges. The coaching process is designed to empower you to overcome these obstacles and unlock your full potential. An ADHD coach is specifically trained to work with the ADHD brain and assist with executive functioning challenges. With a collaborative and non-judgmental approach, they guide you in navigating specific areas of difficulty, providing practical coping mechanisms, fostering personal growth, and ultimately helping you thrive in various aspects of life.
  • What happens in a coaching session?
    The majority of my coaching is done over video conference, Zoom. This is an efficient and productive method that enable my clients to take advantage of coaching from the comfort of their home or office. Each coaching relationship begins with an intake session (1.5 hours) welcoming you to the coaching experience. During this session we will focus on learning as much as we can about you, what your strengths are, where you have challenges, review the coaching agreement, and decide how we will work together. We'll discuss any questions you may have and identify initial goals for our coaching relationship. During subsequent sessions (50 min long) we will work toward your goals. We will focus on want you want to change, what is getting in your way, how you can utilise your strengths and we will develop practical strategies and tools to help you succeed. Often the clients are assigned some work to be done between sessions, this could be working on a new routine, system or implement some of the practical tools. This work is necessary to move you towards the life you want. Coaching is not just what happens during the sessions; it is the work that gets done in the space between sessions.
  • How long do clients typically work with a coach?
    The duration of the coaching relationship is tailored to meet the unique needs and goals of each client. Recognizing that meaningful change requires time, we encourage clients to commit to an initial three to six months of coaching. My primary aim is to help clients achieve their goals efficiently while establishing a solid foundation for sustained success. We will determine the number of coaching sessions and the session interval (weekly, biweekly, etc.) during the Intake Session. Adults For adults, it is typically recommended to commit to an initial 8-12 sessions. At that point, the coaching relationship can be reassessed for potential extension or conclusion. Children/Young Adults In the case of children or young adults facing challenges related to executive function or social skills, we often suggest an initial commitment of 12 weekly sessions. Occasionally students may continue with coaching for the entire school year or longer.
  • My child (or I) do not have a diagnosis yet, would it still be of benefit to work with a coach?
    Absolutely! Whether or not a diagnosis is in place, coaching can still provide significant benefits. Whether you're seeking assistance before or after a formal diagnosis, Mirka's expertise can empower you to overcome challenges and thrive.
  • How is child, young adult coaching different from adult coaching?
    Adults When coaching adults, the individual establishes the goals for our collaborative efforts, and regular sessions are conducted to achieve their desired outcomes. Children For coaching children below the age of 18, goals are set by the parents in consultation with the child's input. Our approach often involves working with both the child and one or both parents to reach the desired objectives. Sessions may include the parent alongside the child or have a separate meeting at the conclusion of each session or on an agreed-upon schedule (e.g., monthly or bi-weekly). The structure is collaboratively created by the parent and coach, taking into account the child's age, temperament, and desired outcomes. Parents play a crucial role in supporting the child between sessions as they experiment with new ways of thinking, being, and doing, making them an integral part of the success team. Young Adults In the case of coaching young adults (ages 18-25) supported by parents, sessions are conducted separately from the parents. Confidentiality agreements are discussed in advance with both the parents and the young adult.
  • How is coaching different from therapy?
    ADHD coaching and therapy serve distinct purposes. Think of it like building a house: therapy addresses the emotional foundation, delving into past experiences and addressing deeper issues, much like the groundwork for a stable structure. On the other hand, ADHD coaching is like constructing the rooms and arranging furniture, focusing on practical strategies, skill-building, and goal-setting to enhance daily functioning. While therapy explores the "why," coaching tackles the "how," providing actionable tools to navigate the challenges of ADHD. Together, they form a comprehensive approach to personal growth and well-being.
  • What are your Qualifications?
    Training Professional ADHD & Family Training, ADD Coach Academy Co-Active Coach Training, Co-Active Training Institute Executive Coaching Diploma, Behavioural Science, Irish Management Institute NLP - Neuro-Lingustic Programming Practitioner & NLP Master Practitioner Certification Credentials/Accreditations with ADDCA: ADHD Coach with ICF: Associate Certified Coach (ACC) with CTI: Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC) with EMCC: Senior Practitioner *Accreditations mean that a Coach has been observed while coaching and the credentialed body (ICF, EMCC) has certified that they are coaching to a high standard, in line with coaching guidelines and in adherence to ethics.
  • What makes you different from other coaches?
    What distinguishes me is a personalised and holistic approach to coaching. I specialise in ADHD coaching, bringing a deep understanding of its complexities. My coaching style is not just about setting goals; it's about tailored strategies and practical tools to navigate challenges unique to ADHD. With a commitment to clear communication and active listening, I create a non-judgmental space where clients feel understood and empowered. My goal is not just to coach but to guide individuals and families toward lasting positive change, fostering personal growth and improved well-being. I am a mother of a teenage boy living with ADHD. I have witnessed the daily struggles within my own household and within the community. Everyone is good at some things and not good at others. Not just people with ADHD. Most people with ADHD judge themselves harshly and engage in negative self-talk. My mission is to help people shift away from the negative perspective to open, appreciative and curious mindset, and identify their unique strengths. Empower them to embrace their true selves and support them to fearlessly chart their unique paths of life. What sets me apart is my dedication to professionalism and formal training in specific coaching skills. While anyone can claim to be a coach, my commitment to acquiring qualifications distinguishes me. I have invested time in becoming trained and qualified, especially in coaching individuals with ADHD. This ensures a higher standard of service and a more effective approach to supporting personal growth and positive change.
  • Do you carry out assessments/diagnosis?
    I am not qualified to diagnose people and therefore I do not carry out assessments.

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