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As a parent navigating the complex landscape of child development, including the challenges posed by ADHD, having access to credible resources can make all the difference. Reliable websites and books offer evidence-based insights, expert advice, and practical strategies tailored to specific needs, including those related to ADHD. By curating this collection, I aim to equip parents with the knowledge and tools necessary to make informed decisions and support their child's growth and well-being effectively, particularly in managing the unique aspects of ADHD. - The national organisation dedicated to supporting individuals and families affected by ADHD in Ireland. -  Prominent organisation that offers a wealth of information and resources about ADHD. - Features a series of comics related to ADHD. These comics provide a creative and engaging way to explore various aspects of ADHD. - Online resource with articles, webinars, and information about ADHD for individuals, parents, and professionals worldwide.​​

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Driven to Distraction by Edward M. Hallowell and John J. Ratey

A classic book on ADHD that provides insights and practical advice for adults dealing with ADHD.

Delivered from Distraction by Edward M. Hallowell and John J. Ratey

The follow-up to "Driven to Distraction," this book offers updated information and strategies for living with ADHD.

You Mean I'm Not Lazy, Stupid, or Crazy?! by Kate Kelly and Peggy Ramundo

A comprehensive guide that helps adults understand ADHD and provides practical strategies for managing it.

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Why Will No One Play With Me? by Caroline Maguire, PCC, M.Ed with Teresa Barke

This book offers practical strategies for parents and caregivers to support children struggling with social interactions. This book helps parents coach their children with social and executive functions skills challenges, helping them build meaningful connections and navigate friendships effectively. 

Parenting ADHD Now by Elaine Taylor-Klaus and Diane Dempster

Provides a holistic approach to parenting that focuses on understanding ADHD, managing symptoms, fostering communication, and building resilience. From setting up effective routines to advocating for your child's needs, this book equips parents with the tools and knowledge they need to support their child's success at home, in school, and in life.


My Brain Needs Glasses: ADHD Explained to Kids by Dr. Annick Vincent

This books tells a story of Tom, who is eight years old and deals with ADHD. In his imaginative journal, he invites readers into his daily life, offering insights into the world of ADHD. Through his endearing and humorous perspective, Tom sheds light on the challenges he faces, making them real and relatable.


My Brain Still Needs Glasses: ADHD in Adolescents and Adults by Dr. Annick Vincent

This book addresses ADHD in older children, adolescents, and adults. It provides valuable insights into the challenges and strengths associated with ADHD as individuals grow and develop. It offers practical advice, strategies, and real-life stories to help teenagers and adults understand their condition, overcome obstacles, and thrive.


Shelley the Hyperactive Turtle by Deborah M. Moss 

Children's book that tells the story of a turtle named Shelley, who has ADHD. Through Shelley's adventures, the book aims to help children with ADHD and their peers understand the condition in a relatable and compassionate way.


I Have ADHD, So What Does That Mean? by Michelle Davis and Chelsea Radojcicis

This book that aims to provide children with ADHD a clear, child-friendly explanation of what having ADHD means. The book covers various aspects of ADHD, such as its symptoms, challenges, and strengths, while emphasizing that having ADHD does not define a child but is just one part of who they are. 


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Why Will No OnePlay with Me?

By Caroline Maguire, PCC, M.Ed with Teresa Barker

As a parent seeking support for my child's social struggles 'Why Will No One Play with Me?' has been an absolute lifesaver.

Caroline's compassionate and practical approach has provided me with invaluable insights and strategies to help my child navigate the complexities of social interactions. Through relatable anecdotes and evidence-based techniques, Caroline offers a roadmap for parents like myself to become effective coaches in guiding our children towards social success. Her emphasis on the importance of play and empathy resonated deeply with me, as I witnessed firsthand the positive impact it had on my child's confidence and ability to connect with others

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