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Parent Coaching


No one knows your child better than you. By teaching you the skills to coach you child is a win. You will learn and utilise the knowledge, tools and strategies to manage the ADHD in your family. 

Parenting isn't always about hugs, kisses and smiles and sometimes it can take a toll on us. I create a safe and non-judgmental environment where you can express your concerns, thoughts and we can work together through those emotions. We will also go on a journey of self-discovery. What does parenting mean to you, how do you want to be as a parent. We will help you manage your own emotions and look at the challenges through a new lens, so you can stop judging yourself for mistakes, develop self-compassion and reconnect with what is important to you. 

In the journey of parenting a child with ADHD, compassion plays a crucial role, helping us navigate the challenges with understanding and empathy. It is easy to feel frustrated or overwhelmed when faced with challenges, but remember this: it is not that your child won't do certain things, but that they can't, not in the same way. Their unique brain wiring presents hurdles that require patience, understanding, and above all, compassion. By embracing this truth, we can shift our perspective from one of frustration to one of empathy, recognising that every struggle is an opportunity for growth. Together, let us explore and discover the practical strategies tailored to your child's individual needs.


You're not a bad parent; you don't have a bad kid.

The ADHD brain is uniquely wired and comes with so many strengths. And those differences should be celebrated! 

Still, I understand that parenting a child with ADHD can cause particular challenges and can be hard, but it can be also very rewarding. ADHD impacts the whole family. With a better understanding of the uniquely wired ADHD brain and what it is like to be in your child's head, you can support the whole family and create at home an environment in which you call can thrive. 

Benefits of Parent Coaching 

  • Establish goals and healthy boundaries

  • Knowledge, skills, tools and strategies to navigate the unique challenges of raising a child with ADHD.

  • Enhance communication strategies to foster positive relationships 

  • Quiet the self-judgment, guild and blame

  • Create a positive, supportive and nurturing home environment

  • Strengthen family bonds and relationships

  • Become child's advocate

  • Provide safe space and compassionate sounding board when things are not going as planned 

  • Prioritize your well-being, embrace self-care practices that bring joy

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Co-Parenting Consideration

It is  natural for parents to have differing views on parenting, and when faced with challenges, such as a struggling child, disagreements can add stress. Our aim is to promote harmonious co-parenting by assisting in constructive conversations between you and your co-parent. Together, we seek common ground to prioritize the care and well-being of your teen or young adult. 

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