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Potential Leadership Topics

In today’s world, successful managers and leaders must be flexible in their thinking, open to viewing events from different perspectives, willing to experiment, and most important, comfortable with ambiguity. 

Individual coaching provides the direction and support that you need to make real changes in behavior and mindset. It is this shift of mind that will help you see situations differently and create new patterns of action that will enhance individual, interpersonal and leadership skills, business performance and create long lasting positive impact.


Complimentary Coaching Session

Sample coaching session is an opportunity for you to experience coaching with me and the benefits of coaching.

Potential leadership coaching topics

Authentic leadership 

How to lead in ways that feels right for you. 
Knowing yourself, your values and your strengths. Leading in a way you are able to inspire loyalty and trust by consistently demonstrating your values and who you are and at the same time being courages and stretching yourself to grow. 


Relationship building

Effective leaders have the ability to build and maintain a strong and collaborative team of individuals working toward the same goal. Relationship building is potentially one of the most important skills to a leadership role as it makes communication of tasks, responsibilities and goals more effective.

Decision making & Problem Solving

Good leaders are skilled at problem-solving. Effective problem solving often requires staying calm and identifying a step-by-step solution. Problem solving can help leaders make quick decisions, resolve obstacles. Do you have the ability to think critically and make effective decisions? 

Effective Communication 

We all have different preferences and communication styles. Would you like to understand your communication style and the style of those around you so you can adapt communicate more effectively?
The most important communication skill for leaders is the ability to listen. Listening for the message, any emotions behind it and considering relevant questions.

Leading with Empathy 

Creating an environment where you and your team members feel psychologically safe starts with building trust. Give yourself and your teams permission to choose courage over comfort, curiosity over being right and do that with respect and compassion. Show up in a way that builds trust. 


Change Management 

Change within an organisation and in life is inevitable and very important for growth. Did you know that change is situational and refers to a specific event? But what we go through in response to a change is transition? How are you responding to a change and how are you guiding your teams through a transition? 

Agility & Adaptability

Agility and adaptability are essential to navigating change and seeking out the best of each situation as you confront them. Agility and Adaptability is your ability to show flexibility, openness and a willingness to respond according to the situation.

Fulfilling Life

What do you really want in your life? Everyone has their own vision of how they will find fulfillment.  Learn how to find alignment between your vision and what you value most.


Power of Choice

How are you perceiving the roadblocks and challenges you are facing? Together we can consider other possible perspectives. As a result you will discover and access unexplored and possibility better choices. 


Emotional Intelligence

Understanding yourself and how your emotions and actions affect those around you, helps you build stronger and more meaningful relationships. Emotional Intelligence is key to successful  leadership.

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