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Unlocking Potential,One Mind at a time.

Mirka Frommenwiler 
Professional ADHD Coach for Adults, Children & Families


Mirka Frommenwiler

Professional ADHD Coach for Adults, Children & Families

​Add the heart of my coaching philosophy lies the belief that every person is beautifully unique and my coaching approach is tailored to client's individual needs.

My mission is to empower both adults and families living with ADHD to not only conquer challenges but to thrive, celebrating each child's unique potential and assisting them in recognizing their own strengths. I strive to equip parents with the knowledge and skills to cultivate an environment filled with love, understanding, and boundless possibilities. Simultaneously, I guide adults toward self-discovery and personal growth. Throughout this transformative journey, I serve as a source of support, guiding families and adults toward joy, unity, love, and acceptance as they navigate the challenges of ADHD. Together, we foster a community that not only embraces but celebrates our unique differences.

Mirka Frommenwiler - ADHD Coach for Adults and Families
Coching Services


ADHD coaching services tailored for individuals diagnosed with ADHD or those who identify with ADHD traits, as well as their family members. We believe in the power of collaborative partnership, aiming to enhance self-awareness, unlock hidden strengths, and establish a strong support system to empower you to reach your full potential. Our journey together is about bridging the gap between your current position and your desired destination, working hand-in-hand to help you thrive.


Adult Coaching


Coaching session for adults (+18) with ADHD


Parent Coaching

Coaching session for parents raising a child/teen with ADHD

Image by Simon Maage

Young Adult Coaching


Coaching sessions for young adults (20s) with ADHD

Image by Kelly Sikkema

Couples Coaching

Coaching for couples where one or both are navigating ADHD

Image by Luana Azevedo

Child & Teen Coaching

Coaching sessions for children & teens (6+) with ADHD

At Conscious Connections, we proudly embrace the strength that diversity brings to our community. We celebrate individuals of all gender identities, ethnicities, and backgrounds. Our commitment to inclusivity is not just a value; it is the heartbeat of who we are. We believe in fostering an environment where every unique perspective is valued, every background is respected, and every individual is empowered. Join us in creating a space where diversity thrives, innovation flourishes, and every client feels seen, heard, and embraced.

All Hands In


Trainings and Workshops specially crafted for families and parents navigating the challenges of ADHD. These interactive sessions are designed to empower families with practical tools and strategies for supporting their loved ones effectively. More than just educational experiences, our workshops serve as immersive journeys aimed at fostering greater awareness and understanding of ADHD within the family dynamic. As participants embark on this journey, they will discover insights that empower them to navigate ADHD challenges with confidence and resilience. 

Image by Júnior Ferreira

ADHD Education

Informative, interactive, tailored for individuals with ADHD and families

Image by Lina Trochez

Mastering ADHD Parenting

Learn practical strategies to effectively manage ADHD challenges.

"Heartfelt gratitude to my incredible clients for letting me join them on their transformative journeys of growth and self-discovery. Your dedication to positive change and personal development is a constant source of inspiration for me.  I am deeply thankful for the trust you have placed in me and excited to see the amazing paths that unfold for you in the future. As you continue to shape your unique narrative, may each chapter be marked by success, growth, joy and happiness.

Your journey not only brightens your world but also contributes to making the world better. Thank you for being you!"


Client Feedback 


Mirka is more than a highly professional coach; she's a guiding force in my personal and professional growth journey. Her exceptional listening skills and deep understanding of my challenges create a coaching experience that delves beyond the surface. Mirka doesn't just accept my thinking; she challenges it, providing valuable insights that enhance both my professional skills and personal development. Each coaching session with Mirka is transformative, consistently identifying and moving forward on my journey.


Mirka helps me with school stuff and gives me cool strategies for homework and time management. It's not just about grades; it's about feeling more confident.Mirka gets that having ADHD is more than just school. She talks with me about everything, like handling distractions and dealing with stress. It's like having a coach who's also a friend.I didn't know what coaching would be like, but it's way cooler than I thought. Mirka is helping me see what I can do. 


Mirka's coaching has been transformative for me in navigating life with ADHD, unlocking hidden potentials and offering empathetic support beyond traditional coaching. Her insightful questions helped me gain profound self-awareness, especially during difficult times like losing my father and job simultaneously. Mirka isn't just a coach; she's a friend who provided genuine guidance when I needed it most. I'm proud to say her support has not only helped me manage ADHD challenges but has also made me a better person overall. Thank you, Mirka, for your exceptional work and unique understanding

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My new book, ADHD Behind Closed Doors, is here - get your copy!

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